18 febrero 2009


to Ivonne

Time to begin.

The objective of this blog is to share ideas, homework, articles, essays, events, links and any thing related to the development of my thesis in Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Juarez. This is meant to make available in a global manner the knowledge that could be generated at some point, and to create also a hub of discussion regarding topics related to digital image processing.

The main idea of the thesis is based on the Wavelet transform. The main purpose of a transform in the digital signal processing world, is to change in domain a signal, this is, represent in a “different” way a signal; with the objective of being able to see characteristics that would not be noticeable otherwise into the original domain. There are a bunch of transforms available; among them is the Fourier Transform, the Discrete Cosine Transform, the Wavelet, the Contourlet, etc.

Based on the fact that a domain transform an alternative approach can be achieved to the analysis of the signal, in comparison with the representation in the original domain. A characterization of images is pretended (based on the fact that an image is indeed a 2D signal) in the transformed domain, using in this particular case the Wavelet transform and be able to obtain in a systematic manner information that could be used in the different fields of digital image processing, like in the patter recognition as an example.

This blog is born due to the response of a personal need of clarify all the ideas that are brought in the way towards the making of the thesis project, perhaps the focus of this blog is oriented to the academic world, but it is obvious that can not be limited only to serve that purpose. I want to thank deeply to the love of my life, which always gives me her support and with out herself I would not never think about writing this Blog.

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